DDoSMon API’s documentation

DDoSMon system has been widely used by security community and we have been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks. Starting from early Apr 2017, a new feature, DDoSMon API module is available to our users. Now users can integrate DDoSMon with their existing security systems more easily and to have better visibility into the ddos events related to their security infrastructure.


The DDoSMon API based on HTTPS requests and JSON responses. Using DDoSMon’s API, you can do just about most things you can do on ddosmon.net via the customer dashboard. And like our web platform, the API are open for security community and free to use.

Apply Access

For new user, you need apply a API key at first and this API key will be need in whole API access.

Apply API Key include two steps.

  • Firstly, you need have an account of DDoSMon system

Access the web apply page and submit a apply form. After our approved, you will received an account activation email, after initialize password, you can now free use the web system and creates monitored objects you are interested. However, if you want use DDoSMon API, you still need finished step two.

Note: For user who has register DDoSMon account can jump to step two directly.

  • Secondly, apply API key

Send a email to ddosmon@360.cn with the email account of registered DDoSMon and please as specific as possible describe where the API will be used, which sorts of sites you will monitoring and How much monitoring sites you may be create. If your application be accepted, a reply email will reach your email box. In this reply email, you will find a unique API key. Please save this API key safely.